In these charts, simply click on any name printed in RED and that will send you to a page where you will find information for that individual. The Red Arrows  will send you to other charts.

Ancestor Chart

Chart 1 Buchanan, Horton, Price, Brooks, Lamie, Webb, Heck, Johnson, Dickerson, Bean, Blankenbeckler, Gladson, Hamblen

Chart 2 Buchanan, Lamie, Merlin, Allison, Campbell

Chart 2A Buchanan, Leckie, Livingston, Douglas

Chart 2A1 Buchanan

Chart 2A3 Livingston, Hepburn

Chart 2A4 Douglas, Stewart, Crichton, Gifford, Drummond, Beaufort, Holland

Chart 3 Buchanan, Shannon, Hayter, Crawford, Allison, Campbell, Rankins

Chart 4 Lamie, Merlin, Carter

Chart 5 Johnson

Chart 6 Horton, Webb, Goad, Dalton, Cocke (Cox), Spencer, Sturman, Wheatley, Phillips

Chart 7 Webb, Cox

Chart 8 Webb, Cox

Chart 78A Webb, Cox, Goad

Chart 78A3 Goad, Williams, Jennings

Chart 78AA-6E Webb, Carter, Austin, Williamson

Chart 78B Cox, Goad, Ward, Brown

Chart 9 Dickerson, Huff, Shelton

Chart 9A Dickerson

Chart 9B Shelton

Chart 10 Price, Davis, Drinnon, Wax, Greschwind

Chart 11 Bean, Setser

Chart 12 Heck, Kilmer, Crowder, Rainey, Zollman

Chart 13 Blankenbeckler, Williams, DeBord, Wells, Cole

Chart 13H Cole, Emery, Burgess, Paine, Chester

Chart 13H1 Cole, Collier

Chart 14 Brooks, Boone, Price, Wax, Greschwind, Wachs, Jost

Chart 15 Gladson

Chart 16 Price, Wax, Webb, Mattox, Greschwind, Wachs, Jost

Chart 17 Hamblin, Holt, Lipe, Watkins

Chart 17A Hamblin (Hamley), Mills