Lucy Webb
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She was born 1821. Married June 7, 1845 in Carroll County, Virginia.


    1)Phariba Webb (1809-1892):Married September 29, 1825, Grayson County, Virginia to John Hugh "Jehu" Dalton. Children: Hannah Dalton, Sarah Jane Dalton, Lewis Columbus Dalton, Amelia Dalton, Phariba Dalton, Malinda A. Dalton, Lucy Dalton, Maria Dalton, Hester A. Dalton, Irene Dalton, Mahala Dalton and Catherine America Dalton.

    2)William Webb (1811-????): Married Margaret Amelia Dalton. Children: William Smith Webb, Giles Webb, Andrew C. Webb and Hannah Jane Webb.

    3)Tabitha Webb (1813-1880):Married Thomas Hall. Children: James Hall, William Hall, Juliana Hall and Susan Hall.

    4)Mary A. Webb (1815-????):Married James Webb.

    5)Giles Webb (1817-before 1847) :Married Barsheba Dickerson. (1822-Before 1860, sister of Susannah Dickerson)

    Note: Barsheba Dickerson later married Andrew Horton (1829-December 9, 1864 son of James Horton and Sarah Goad

    6)Peter Webb

    7)James Webb (1823, Grayson County, Virginia- October 2, 1884, Carroll County, Virginia): Married January 9, 1849, Carroll County, Virginia to Mary Ann Hall. Child: Rachel Webb.

    8)Andrew C. Webb (May 6, 1825, Grayson County, Virginia - May 6, 1902, Carroll County, Virginia) : Married Charlotte Padgett. Children: Terrasey A. Webb, Greenville Webb and Lucinda Webb.

    9)John R. Webb (1834-????) : Married Susannah Webb.

    1)Elizabeth Horton

    2)Sarah A. Horton (1846-????)

    3)Jasper Newton Horton (1849-1912): Married Hannah Dalton February 17, 1872 in Carroll County, Virginia. Children: William Reuben Horton, Charles Elbert Horton and Edie May Horton.

    4)John Henderson Horton (January 27, 1854, Carroll County, Virginia - ????): Married Leannah Goad September 15, 1873 in Carroll County, Virginia. Children: George Washington Horton, William Preston Horton, James J. Horton, John L. Horton, Lucy M. Horton and Reuben Price Horton

    5)James Marion Horton

    6)Hannah S. Horton: Married Lacy Worrell September 26, 1872 in Carroll County, Virginia.


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