Peter Webb

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    He was born August 29, 1818 and died March 22, 1896. He served the Confederate States, Company A, 37th Regement, Virginia Infantry. He is buried at Ridgedale Cemetery.


    1)Phariba Webb (1809-1892):Married September 29, 1825, Grayson County, Virginia to John Hugh "Jehu" Dalton. Children: Hannah Dalton, Sarah Jane Dalton, Lewis Columbus Dalton, Amelia Dalton, Phariba Dalton, Malinda A. Dalton, Lucy Dalton, Maria Dalton, Hester A. Dalton, Irene Dalton, Mahala Dalton and Catherine America Dalton.

    2)William Webb (1811-????): Married Margaret Amelia Dalton. Children: William Smith Webb, Giles Webb, Andrew C. Webb and Hannah Jane Webb.

    3)Tabitha Webb (1813-1880):Married Thomas Hall. Children: James Hall, William Hall, Juliana Hall and Susan Hall.

    4)Mary A. Webb (1815-????):Married James Webb.

    5)Giles Webb (1817-before 1847) :Married Barsheba Dickerson (1822-Before 1860, sister of Susannah Dickerson).

    Note: Barsheba Dickerson later married Andrew Horton (1829-December 9, 1864 son of James Horton and Sarah Goad

    6)Lucy Webb

    7)James Webb (1823, Grayson County, Virginia- October 2, 1884, Carroll County, Virginia): Married January 9, 1849, Carroll County, Virginia to Mary Ann Hall. Child: Rachel Webb.

    8)Andrew C. Webb (May 6, 1825, Grayson County, Virginia - May 6, 1902, Carroll County, Virginia) : Married Charlotte Padgett. Children: Terrasey A. Webb, Greenville Webb and Lucinda Webb.

    9)John R. Webb (1834-????) : Married Susannah Webb.

    1)Jacob Webb (1841-1861)

    2)Paulina Katherine Webb (1843-1883): Married 1st Sampson R. Newman. 2nd James Thomas Keesee. Children: Peter Keesee, Frank Keesee, James Thomas Keesee, Mary Ann Keesee, Matilda Keesee, Ireland Keesee, Emma Keesee, Ituria Keesee and Unnamed Keesee.

    3)Itura Webb: Born 1845. It has been stated by several family members that Itura was half native american and that her complexion was a dark copper red. This requires investigation since Emily, her sister, pictured here does not appear to be. My picture could be wrong. She married Flavius Jerome Buchanan :AKA Benjamin Flavus Buchanan (1844-1919), B. F. Buchanan was a Democrat Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Virginia and a highway in Saltville, Va. is named after him (B.F. Buchanan Highway, State Highway 16). Flavius was the grandson of Alexander Buchanan (1763-????)  George Buchanan's   brother, and Janie Lamie (July 4, 1772-December 7, 1853),  Agnes Lamie's  sister. Itura died 1905. Children: Thomas Buchanan (???? - ????), Nancy Buchanan (???? - ????), Jerome Buchanan (???? - ????), Samuel Buchanan (???? - ????), Ocie Buchanan (???? - ????), Joseph Buchanan (???? - ????), John Ed Buchanan (???? - ????) and Marion Clem (Jack) Buchanan (???? - ????).

    4)Barsheba Webb (1847-1910): Married Richard R. Call

    5)Joseph Webb (1848-1885): Married Mary Elizabeth Freeman. Children: Martha Webb, Robert Webb, Rachel Webb, Susan Webb, Simon Peter Webb, Carmin Webb, Thomas Webb and William Andrew Webb.

    6)Sarah Ann Webb (1851=1903): Married William Olinger. Children: Fannie Olinger, Laura Olinger, Vent Olinger, Susan Olinger and Bessie Olinger.

    7)Francis Marion Webb (1853-1922): Married Elizabeth Thurman McCready. Children: Charles Newton Webb, Mark Webb and Mary Virginia Webb.

    8)John Webb (1855-????)

    9)Emily Webb


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