John Buchanan
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    It is not known when John was born, but he was a self-styled "Yomen and Miller" and "of Beverly Manor" to distinguish him from others of the same name. He and his wife Margret lived in Orange (now Augusta) County, Virginia where he was a Justice of the Augusta County Court in 1740.

    On September 24, 1741, he bought 784 acres in Beverly Manor adjoining James Patton, Patrick Campbell and land already in his possession from William Beverly for L24.

    On February 12, 1742, he received a grant from the Colony of of Virginia of 400 acres on a branch of the Roanoke River, which he sold to David Cloyd on May 23, 1745 for L27.15.

    He sold 374 acres of his plantation in Beverly Manor to James Cowan for L18.10 on February 18, 1746/7 and the remaining 410 acres on Christians Creek to Samuel Bradford on March 20, 1752.
    On November 28, 1750, he bought 416 1/2 acres on Nutt Creek from William Nutt and renamed it "Mill Creek" and operated a mill on the site.

    On March 18, 1760 John bought 63 acres on Christian's Creek from William Curry.

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    When Colonel John Buchanan surveyed large areas in Southwest Virginia in October and November of 1747, John aquired a vast acreage- 880 acres "at the Richlands near Asp Bottoms", 684 acres "on Chesnut Creek on Woods River", 1000 acres "at Asp Bottom on Indian (now Holston) River" and 550 acres "at the place called Richlands".

    On March 22, 1755, John and his wife Margaret sold to Charles Campbell the 1000 acres surveyed on Indian River for L50 and on the same date sold to Colonel John Buchanan the 684 acre and 880 acre surveys for L60 each, as well as 130 acres on the Indian River for L10.10.2.

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    On March 18, 1771, John sold to their son Patrick 176 acres of their land in Beverly Manor.

    John made his will on October 22, 1776 leaving one third of his property to his wife and the remainder to his children. The estate was probated on April 20, 1790. His wife declined to serve as administrator of the estate and after her death, the 304 acre Mill Creek Plantation was sold to Alexander St. Clair for L2,300 on April 28, 1800.

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    John had 10 children, 3 girls and 7 boys.





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