George Buchanan
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    He was born about 1774 in Fincastle (now Smyth) County, Virginia. He Married June 12, 1800. He was a stock raiser and farmer on the North Fork of the Holston River in Rich Valley.
     On January 27, 1803 he bought 200 acres there from James Langdon. He sold 23 1/2 acres to Hezekiah Patrick October 2, 1805. He bought 60 acres from Jeffery Hildreth on July 14, 1812

(Washington County, Virginia, Marriages; Wythe County, Virginia, Deed Book 4, Page 113; Book 5, Page 467; Book 6, Page 404)

     In 1832, George had 91 acres surveyed on the North Fork of the Holston River, and on June 2, 1832, he sold Aaron Whited 150 acres there. On September 2, 1934, he bought 100 acres from William Richardson Jr. On August 17,1836, he aquired land on Cove Creek from Cyrus Adams. On March 14, 1836, he bought 127 acres on Clinch Mountain in Tazwell County from Alexander and Nancy Buchanan for $350,00. On May 20, 1837, he aquired an interest in 293 acres from Elenor Lamie. On January 21, 1839, he sold 230 acres on Cove Creek to  James Lamie Buchanan, his son. On November 11, 1840, he aquired his brother Alexander Buchanan's interst in lands on the Holston.

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     George made his Will on September 30, 1842, leaving his property to his wife and some of his children and Grandchildren. He died October 7, 1843 in Smythe County Virginia. He is buried in the Buchanan Cemetery. Chatam Hill, Virginia.


    1)James Buchanan

    2)John Buchanan, Jr.: Born June 4, 1761 at Plasterco, Washington County, Virginia, married Nancy Wright (1771-1860), he died 1831. Children: James Buchanan (1793-1875), Mary Randolph Buchanan (1795-1870 Texas), Wilson Buchanan (1797-1873), Patrick Campbell Buchanan (1799-????), John Buchanan (1801-????), Martha A. Buchanan (1802-????), Ann P. Buchanan (1805-????), John R. Buchanan (1808-1840), Nancy Buchanan (1810-????), Thompson Buchanan (1817-1890).

    3)Alexander Buchanan: Born January 28, 1763, Married 1st Anne Turley (????-????). Children: Solon Buchanan (1800-1855), David Buchanan (1802-????), Martha Buchanan (1804-1833). Alexander then married Janie Lamie (July 4, 1772-December 7, 1853) Agnes Lamie's  sister. Children: John Buchanan (1809-1882), Samuel Lamie Buchanan (1812-????). (Note: Samuel's son by Elizabeth Watson (not married), Flavius Jerome Buchanan :AKA Benjamin Flavus Buchanan (1844-1919), B. F. Buchanan was a Democrat Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Virginia and a highway in Saltville, Va. is named after him (B.F. Buchanan Highway, State Highway 16). Flavius married Itura Webb  Emily Webb's  sister) Alexander died 1858.

    4)Archibald Buchanan: Born May 4, 1767

    5)Patrick Buchanan: Born August 13, 1777, Married Elizabeth Hayter. Child: Patrick Campbell Buchanan (1822-1877).

    1)James Lamie Buchanan

    2)George Washington Buchanan: Born April 23, 1814. He married 1st Louisa Jane Buchanan November 20, 1838. Married 2nd Eliza Jane Galbraith November 23, 1849. He was a Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court. Died September 28, 1901 in Independence, Missouri.

    3)Andrew Fulton Buchanan


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