Agnes Lamie
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    She was born February 11, 1774. She married June 12, 1800. After her husband died, she moved in with her son  James Lamie Buchanan  and between June 21, 1848 and June 26, 1851 made him several gifts of land.
    She aquired her son Fult's (I assume Andrew Fulton Buchanan) intrest in 37 1/2 acres on January 9, 1849. She sold to her nephew, Samuel Lamie Buchanan (Janie Lamie's son) 143 acres on Cove Creek March 9, 1848. She also sold Isaac McNabb 76 acres on the Holson River June 15, 1849.

(Smyth County, Virginia Wills, Census of 1850, Deed Book 5, pages 41, 224, 495. Deed Book 5, pages 391, 40, 522)

    She died August 22, 1861 in Smyth County, Virginia (Tombstone records) She had seven children, 2 girls, and 5 boys.


    1)John Lamie

    2)Janie Lamie: Born July 4, 1772, Married Alexander Buchanan,  George Buchanan's  brother. She died December 7, 1853.
    Note: Their son Samuel Lamie Buchanan's (not married to Elizabeth Watson) son, Flavius Jerome Buchanan :AKA Benjamin Flavus Buchanan (1844-1919), B. F. Buchanan was a Democrat Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Virginia and a highway in Saltville, Va. is named after him (B.F. Buchanan Highway, State Highway 16). Flavius married Itura Webb  Emily Webb's  sister.

    3)James Lamie

    4)Hannah Lamie (November 22, 1767 Saltville, Virginia - September 18, 1855 Saltville, Virginia): Married William Cox.

    1)James Lamie Buchanan

    2)George Washington Buchanan: Born April 23, 1814. He married 1st Louisa Jane Buchanan November 20, 1838. 2nd Eliza Jane Galbraith November 23, 1849. He was a Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court. Died September 28, 1901 in Independence, Missouri.

    3)Andrew Fulton Buchanan


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