Agnes Merlin
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    According to family tradition, she was born in Portugal about 1731 and came to America by herself. She was a cook in a Philadelphia tavern when she met and married a British soldier about 1761. The spelling of the name "Merlin" is uncertain. A decription of her states she had an olive complection, black hair and eyes and a vivacious personality.

(Family tradition is in substantial agreement on this history, much of it based on the statement of Mary Buchanan Shell; tombstone records, Lamie Cemetery, Smyth County, Virginia)

    Not much is mentioned further about her until her death. In 1770 the family settled on a farm on Cove Creek, a branch of the North Fork of the Holston River in Botetourt County (now Smythe County) Virginia. During the indian raids of the mid 1770's Agnes and the family moved to Royal Oak Fort- now Marion, Virginia for protection.

(Lyman Chalkey. "Records of Augusta County, Virginia"(Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1965, reprint), II, 229, 230; Botetourt County, Virginia, List of Tithables, 1770, 1772: Washington County, Virginia Entries and Surveys Volume I)

    Her family then occupied and cultivated her missing brother-in-law Samuel Lamie's vacated land and secured title to it from the Loyala Land Company. A house was raised a few weeks before The Battle of King's Mountain in 1780 and the family moved into it on Christmas Day, 1780.

(Lyman Chalkey "Records"....II, 229, 230)

    Agnes died September 27, 1807 in Saltville, Virginia. She had 6 children; two boys and four girls

(Statment supported by George Craig Buchanan and Lamie Cemetery Records)



    1)John Lamie

    2)Agnes Lamie

    3)Janie Lamie: Born July 4, 1772, Married Alexander Buchanan,  George Buchanan's  brother. She died December 7, 1853.
    Note: Their son Samuel Lamie Buchanan's (not married to Elizabeth Watson) son, Flavius Jerome Buchanan married Itura Webb  Emily Webb's  sister.

    4)James Lamie

    5)Hannah Lamie (November 22, 1767 Saltville, Virginia - September 18, 1855 Saltville, Virginia): Married William Cox. Child: Andrew H. Cox


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