Andrew Jackson "Jackie" Buchanan
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   Andrew was a Farmer born about 1789 at Locust Cove in Wythe County (now Smyth County), Virginia. He was married in Washington Couny March 29, 1810 by Rev. Edward Crawford.
   There has been much confusion for many years that he has been listed as "John Buchanan". It is apparent that this misunderstanding was due to the fact that Andrew had nicknames, (because of "Jackson")"Jackie" also "Black Jack". Evidently, then as today, "Jack" equates to "John". To quote from BUCHANAN A GENEALOGICAL HISTORY by John A. Blakemore, "Called "Jackie". Sometimes listed as John." Presumably, some researchers saw him listed as "Jack" and assumed "John".
   As of 1954 the stone chimney of his home in Thompson Valley was still standing. It is reported that at some point he moved to Logan County, West Virginia, however, he died 1863 in Tazwell County, Virginia and is buried in the family cemetery south of his home.


    1)Florence "Flohannah" Buchanan: Married Gabriel Crabtree, Sr. Children: Thomas Benton Crabtree, Reese H. Crabtree, James B. Crabtree (married Mary J. Hubble), Rhoda Crabtree, Gabriel Crabtree, Jr.(Married Elizabeth Sciphers Jorndon), Floanna Cathrine Crabtree (married Eliphalet Hubble), Mary Crabtree, Margaret Crabtree (married Josiah M. Wynne)

    2)Sarah Buchanan: I do not know who her first husband was (his last name was Crawford) , but her second husband was James Buchanan (01/28/1793 - 04/25/1875). This James was a Deputy Sheriff of Washington County, Virginia. James' parents were John Buchanan, Jr. (06/04/1761 - 1831) (Son of John Buchanan and Martha Buchanan) and Nancy Wright (1771 - 1860 . Sarah and James had 7 children.

    3)Cathrine Buchanan

    4)Robert Buchanan

    5)Alexander Buchanan

    6)William Buchanan

    7)Susan Buchanan

    8)Mattie Buchanan

    9)Mary Jane Buchanan

    10)Margaret Buchanan

    1)Nancy Hayter Buchanan

    2)James Hayter Buchanan: Nancy C. Doak.

    3)Mary Shannon Buchanan: Married 1st, George W. Thompson. Married 2nd, Thomas. Rusell Gillespie. Married 3rd, ? Hedrick.

    4)Ann Caroline Buchanan: Married John W. Spratt.

    5)John W. Buchanan: Married Mary Jane Thompson.

    6)William Hayter Buchanan: Married Matilda Six.

    7)Archibald Thompson Buchanan: Married 1st, Mariah Elizabeth Ewing. Married 2nd, Rebecca Peery Thompson.


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