James Buchanan
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    James was born about 1759 in Augusta County, Virginia. He married about 1782. He and his wife had nine children; three sons and six daughters. He died 1816 in Wythe County (now Smythe County), Virginia.

(Wythe County, Virginia Wills and Marriages; Records belonging to Mrs. Frances H. Whitman)


    1)John Buchanan, Jr.: Born June 4, 1761 at Plasterco, Washington County, Virginia, married Nancy Wright (1771-1860), he died 1831. Children: James Buchanan (1793-1875), Mary Randolph Buchanan (1795-1870 Texas), Wilson Buchanan (1797-1873), Patrick Campbell Buchanan (1799-????), John Buchanan (1801-????), Martha A. Buchanan (1802-????), Ann P. Buchanan (1805-????), John R. Buchanan (1808-1840), Nancy Buchanan (1810-????), Thompson Buchanan (1817-1890).

    2)Alexander Buchanan: Born January 28, 1763, Married 1st Anne Turley (????-????). Children: Solon Buchanan (1800-1855), David Buchanan (1802-????), Martha Buchanan (1804-1833). Alexander then married Janie Lamie (July 4, 1772-December 7, 1853) Agnes Lamie's  sister. Children: John Buchanan (1809-1882), Samuel Lamie Buchanan (1812-????). (Note: Samuel's son by Elizabeth Watson (not married), Flavius Jerome Buchanan married Itura Webb  Emily Webb's  sister) Alexander died 1858.

    3)Archibald Buchanan: Born May 4, 1767, Married Mariah Elizabeth Young (???? - ????) in 1836. He died 1843. Children: Archibald Thompson Buchanan (about 1808 - ????). By 1850, Archibald Thompson Buchanan and family had moved to Lee County, Virginia.

    4)George Buchanan

    5)Patrick Buchanan: Born August 13, 1777, Married Elizabeth Hayter. Child: Patrick Campbell Buchanan (1822-1877).

    1)Florence "Flohannah" Buchanan: Married Gabriel Crabtree, Sr. Children: Thomas Benton Crabtree, Reese H. Crabtree, James B. Crabtree (married Mary J. Hubble), Rhoda Crabtree, Gabriel Crabtree, Jr.(Married Elizabeth Sciphers Jorndon), Floanna Cathrine Crabtree (married Eliphalet Hubble), Mary Crabtree, Margaret Crabtree (married Josiah M. Wynne)

    2)Sarah (Sally) Buchanan: I do not know who her first husband was (his last name was Crawford) , but her second husband was James Buchanan (01/28/1793 - 04/25/1875). This James was a Deputy Sheriff of Washington County, Virginia. James' parents were John Buchanan, Jr. (06/04/1761 - 1831) (Son of John Buchanan and Martha Buchanan) and Nancy Wright (1771 - 1860 . Sarah and James had 7 children. Children:

    3)Cathrine Buchanan

    4)Robert Buchanan

    5)Alexander Buchanan

    6)William Buchanan

    7)Susan Buchanan

    8)Mattie Buchanan

    9)Mary Jane Buchanan

    10)Andrew Jackson Buchanan

    11)Margaret Buchanan


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