Susanna Cocke (Cox)
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    She was born in 1763 and died about 1847 Carroll County, Virginia. She was buried in the Webb-Thompson Cemetery at Snake Creek, Carroll County, Virginia.


    1)Reuben Cock (????-1840): Married Rhoda ? (????-1842). Children: Eleanor Cock (1790-1888), Rachel Cock (1796-1871), Rebecca Cock (1798-1875), William Cock (1802-after 1870) Note: This William Cock married Mary Goad a daughter of Aaron Goad and Rachel Dalton, Aaron Cock (1805-????) Note: This Aaron Cock married Nancy Goad, another daughter of Aaron Goad and Rachel Dalton, Andrew Cock (1808-1848), Mary Cock (1810-1859), Zilphia Cock (1814-????), Alley Cock (1816-????), Penelope Cock (1818-1880).

    2)Mary Cock: Married Thomas Dickens. Children: Reuben Dickens, Benford Dickens (1782-1867), Nancy Dickens (1785-before 1855), Jesse Dickens (1802-1868).Note: This Jessee Dickens married Susannah Webb, a grand daughter of Henry (Hal) Webb and Susanna Cocke (Cox).

    3)Valentine Cock (????-1776)

    4)James Cock (1750-????): Married Nancy ?. Children: William Cock, James Cock.

    5)Andrew Cocke (Cox)

    6)John Cock (1756-1834): Married Rebecca Judson.

    1)Andrew Webb

    2)James Austin Webb: He was born about 1783 Grayson County, Virginia. He Married first 1801 in Grayson County., Virginia to Sarah Rachel Goad who was born about 1787 in Virginia and died Septmber 1854 in Carroll Co., Virginia. She is buried at Isiah Largen Farm, Virginia. She was the daughter of Robert Goad and Isabelle ???? He Married second August 26, 1856 in Carroll County., Virginia to Rebecca Edwards. He served in the War of 1812. A statement by Bryson Edwards on August 24, 1885 stated that James:

    "divided about all of his property with his children before his marriage with the said Rebecca, and consequently at his death left her, almost destitute of any means of support."

    Isaac Edwards stated that he:

    "recollects seeing him (James) start from (then) Grayson County with the other soldiers, and I well recollect his returning from the War with my brother John Edwards."

    Fielden Hale on September 28, 1885 stated that James A. Webb had been in Timothy Dalton's unit and that he:

    "well recollects said James A.Webb, making proof about 1855, or 1856, of his service, and that his home had been burned, and all his papers, and among them his discharge as a soldier."

    On September 26, 1885 Isaac Edwards stated that James A. Webb:

    "drew a Bounty Land Wt. for his services, and that H.H. Helfer (Hardie H. Helfer) of North Carolina purchased it."

    He was 6 feet tall, dark haired, blue eyed, and fair complected.

    (From his Pension application for the War of 1812 at the National Archives)

    He died May 28, 1870 Carroll County., Virginia and buried in Isaiah Largen's Farm, Virginia. With Rebecca Edwards, James had 12 children: Cuthbert Webb, Susannah Webb, Robert "Robin" Webb, Mary Webb, Rhoda or Nancy Webb, Henry G. Webb, Isham (or Isom) G. Webb, Luranah Webb, Lucy Webb, Isabelle Webb.

    3)Mary Webb

    4)Giles Webb: Born 1790 in Grayson County, Virginia. Married May 15, 1807 in Patrick County, Virginia to Rachel Horton (about 1785, Surry County, North Carolina - before 1870, Raleigh County, West Virginia) She was the daughter of John Horton and Anna Green. She was born about 1785 North Carolina and died 1850s Raleigh County, West Virginia.
    In the 1830's he sold out in Carroll County, Virginia and removed to Indiana. "Settled about thirty miles from Indianapolis where they lived for three years, removed to Highland County, Ohio where they lived for about one year, then moved again to a point on the Kanawha River near Malden. After a while moved to Big Coal River, and moved again in 1848/50 to Drews Creek in Raleigh County." He died in 1860 in Raleigh County, West Virginia. Children:Martin Webb (about 1809-????), James A. Webb (about 1811-1886), Andrew Webb (about 1812-1866), John Webb (1813-1888), Austin Webb (about 1819-????), Jacob Webb (about 1821-????), Susan Webb (about 1825-????), Henry Webb (1826-1865), Berry Webb.

    5) John Webb: Born July 20, 1792 in Carroll County, Virginia. He was a farmer who married Hannah Cocke (or Cox) on October 26, 1815 at "Ward's Gap", Patrick County, Virginia. Hannah was born January 6, 1800 and died in 1890. She was the daughter of Andrew Cocke (or Cox) and Penelope Ward. John died June 8, 1876 at age 83 at Carroll County, Virginia and buried June 10, 1876 in the Webb-Thompson Cemetery at Snake Creek, Carroll County, Virginia. Children: Joannah Webb (1817-1884), James Webb (1819-1887), Abner D. Webb (1821-before 1900), Greenville Webb (1822-1899), Susannah Webb (1825-1860), Isaac Webb (1833-1913), Enoch Webb (1835-1861), Mary A. Talbott Webb (1838-before 1904), John Webb (1839-before 1865).

    6) Joseph Webb: Born. c1793 in Grayson County, Virginia

    (source on the birth is the Quisenberry Genealogy)

    He married Marjorie Dickerson and died c1864.

    7) Susannah Webb: Born. c1795 and married Benford Dickens (son of Thomas Dickens and Mary "Millie" Cock).

    8) Jacob Webb: Born August 28, 1797 in Grayson County, Virginia. He married Hester Dickerson (born March 17, 1804) on August 22, 1822 in Grayson County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Leonard Dickerson & Margery Renfro. Jacob died December 18, 1845 in Carroll County, Virginia.

    9)Henry Webb:Born 1802 in Grayson County, Virginia. On Qctober 23, 1823, he married Nancy Bobbitt (daughter of James Bobbitt and Rosanna ?) in Grayson County, Virginia. He Married again January 13, 1838 also in Grayson County, Virginia to Amelia "Milly" Ashworth, daughter of Joel Ashworth. Henry died after 1850.

    10)William Webb: Born about 1804 in Grayson County, Virginia and married on December 22, 1825 in Grayson County, Virginia to Catherine "Katie" Dickerson (daughter of Leonard Dickerson and Margory Renfro) John died December 28, 1885.