Elizabeth Goad
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    She was born July 12, 1726, North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia and died in 1799, Grayson County, Virginia.


    1)Joannah Goad (November 1, 1723, North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia - August 15, 1773, Rockingham County, Virginia): Married 1744, Culpepper County, Virginia to Valentine Sevier (Febuary 1, 1711, St. Giles Parish, Cripplegate, London, England - December 30, 1803, Carter City, Watuaga Settlement, Carter County, Tennessee). Children: Gov. John Sevier, Colonel Valentine Sevier (1747-1800), Captain Robert Sevier (1749-1780), Mary Sevier (1753-????), Catherine Sevier (1757-1824), Bethenia Sevier (1759-????), Abraham Sevier (1760-1841), Joseph I. Sevier (1763-1826), Sophia Sevier (1764-????), Charles Sevier (about 1768-????).

    2)Hannah Goad (April 7, 1725, North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia - ????): Married about 1742, Pittsylvania County, Virginia to William Bennett (about May 1703, Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia - after July 24, 1777, Pittsylvania County, Virginia). Children: Thomas Bennett (1742-1809), Stephen Bennett (1744-1826), James Bennett (1746-1826).

    3)John Goad (July 1, 1729, North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia - before May 11, 1795, Sullivan County, Tennessee): Married about 1747 to Margaret Chiles. Children: Thomas Goad (1748-????), Charles Goad (1748-????), Agnes Goad (1750-1790), Peter Goad (1766-1846), John Goad (about 1770-1830), Lewis Goad (1772-before 1850), Gabriel Goad (1772-1850).

    4)William Goad (March 3, 1734, North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia - ????, Pittsylvania County, Virginia): Married 1st to Margaret ?. Children: Elizabeth Goad, Thomas B. Goad, John G. Goad (1765-????), Stephen Goad (1770-1815), Reuben L. Goad (1770-1857), Joshua Goad (1777-1853), Andrew Goad (1778-1871), Abraham Goad (1785-????). Married 2nd to Tabitha Dixon. Children: Agatha Goad, Katherine Goad, Judiah Goad (1755-1838), William Goad (1759-before 1818).

    1)Reuben Cock (????-1840): Married Rhoda ? (????-1842). Children: Eleanor Cock (1790-1888), Rachel Cock (1796-1871), Rebecca Cock (1798-1875), William Cock (1802-after 1870) Note: William married Mary Goad a daughter of Aaron Goad and Rachel Dalton, Aaron Cock (1805-????) Note: Aaron married Nancy Goad, another daughter of Aaron Goad and Rachel Dalton, Andrew Cock (1808-1848), Mary Cock (1810-1859), Zilphia Cock (1814-????), Alley Cock (1816-????), Penelope Cock (1818-1880).

    2)Mary Cock: Married Thomas Dickens. Children: Reuben Dickens, Benford Dickens (1782-1867), Nancy Dickens (1785-before 1855), Jesse Dickens (1802-1868). Note Jessee married Susannah Webb, a grand daughter of Henry (Hal) Webb and Susanna Cocke (Cox).

    3)Valentine Cock (????-1776)

    4)James Cock (1750-????): Married Nancy ?. Children: William Cock, James Cock.

    5)Andrew Cocke (Cox)

    6)John Cock (1756-1834): Married Rebecca Judson.

    7) Susanna Cocke (Cox)